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Under the Sea (Earring)

Under the Sea (Earring)

Under the Sea (Earring)

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Material S925 Post, OR vermeil brass, Diamond substitute stone
Size (W)0.5~1 x (H) 0.5~1cm (*1~3cm may different)
Quantity 1 pair
Weight 09~1.4g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose Gold, Gold, Silver | Crystal : Clear, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple,
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The unique under the sea animal designs 💕

Whale, starfish, jellyfish, fish, seahorse, lobster, crab, blowfish! 

So cute design, good to wear for the lovely outfit and also a good choice to wear different designs with friends 😆💖 

* The gold colour design's size is bit smaller than the rose gold/silver colour


© DAYBLANC's images and contents (including captions) are not allowed to use for commercial.


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Jewellery Materials

● 18K/16K Gold / Rose gold / OR vermeil S925 (Hypoallergenic)

18k/16k gold/rose gold/OR dipped S925

* We don't recommend to touch water for this material

(The vermeil/plating will fade over time, and when it's fade the natural S925 silver colour will reveal. The duration is up to how well managed can be faster or last very long yet we use real gold/rhodium it last longer than normal only colour tinted plating.)



 18K/16K Gold / Rose gold / OR vermeil Brass (Hypoallergenic)

Original rhodium dipped brass.

* We don't recommend to touch water for this material

(The vermeil/plating will fade over time, and when it's fade the natural brass colour will reveal. The duration is up to how well managed can be faster or last very long yet we use real gold/rhodium it last longer than normal only colour tinted plating.)



● Solid 925 Silver / Sterling Silver / S925 (Hypoallergenic)

A very soft so can't really use 100% due to shape maintenance and durability. 

Therefore by law contain 92.5% of silver is considered pure silver.

When continuously exposed at oil, water, air and never get cleaned may cause tarnished.

But, can make it clean. If the material is not coated(vermeil / plated with other colour), you can use silver cleaner. 

The natural silver colour is more of white colour. If you see more of metallic silver colour that is OR vermeil version. (it gives more glossy, and stronger at scratches but over time the vermeil will fade. The duration is depends on how well managed.)

* If touch chemicals (cosmetics/perfume/medicine/skincare product) the colour may change to purple, blue colour. In that case clean it with water and make it dry. 



 Surgical Steel/Stainless Steel/ Titanium Steel (Hypoallergenic)

Durable, strong at scratch and tarnish, water, sweat. And very hypoallergenic. 

Originally darker colour than S925,  the rose gold/gold vermeil/plating will looks darker than vermeil/plating on S925.
Rose gold colour vermeil is proceed as 1st round gold vermeil, the design may have more yellowish colour. (Rose gold colour generally more easily face due to it's a mixture other material at gold. After time it will turn to gold colour)
Gold colour vermeil designs, if keep get scratches over time. After that the original natural base silver colour will reveal. 

*If you looking for shower and swim, recommend silver colour.

(The timeline is up to how managed well, can last very long.)

* Surgical steel is one of the grade under the stainless steel.

* Titanium's characteristics are naturally found within it, while stainless steel characteristics are created by adding alloying metals to it.



 Titanium (Hypoallergenic)

Durable, strong at scratch and tarnish.

Very dark colour even do vermeil/plating can't hide the darkness.
So don't really use at whole jewellery part. 



 Nickel-free (Hypoallergenic)

Nickel-free vermeil/plated brass.

* We don't recommend to touch water for this materials 



 Gold (Hypoallergenic)

Solid Gold is the only material that never tarnished.

Generally 50 times more expensive than solid silver.

24k solid gold is very soft, not easy to maintain the shape.
There is 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k. It's unit notation wich how much contain the gold.

The compost is 10k = 41.7%, 14k = 58.5%, 16k = 66.7%, 18k = 75.0%, 24k = 99.99% of gold and the rest filled with alloy. ( k = karat )



 OR (Hypoallergenic)

A very good material to use at jewellery. It's strong at scratch & tarnishes. Excellent gloss, more white in colour. 

But around 20 times more expensive than gold. So many factories mix other materials at rhodium to reduce the price. 

Therefore separate rhodium as IR (Imitation Rhodium) & OR (Original Rhodium). And the difference between IR & OR is can't see with eyes.

OR vermeil is more expensive than normal IR vermeil.

And we only use OR.



 Lab-grown Diamond / Diamond substitute stone (Hypoallergenic)

We use environmental friendly artificially man made cubic. This is not a real diamond. Also call as zirconia. Much dazzling and durable than glass made swarovski stones.



 Rhinestone (Hypoallergenic) 

From crystal glass or polymers such as acrylic.  



 Difference between the plating/vermeil/filled/solid (Hypoallergenic)

Right side is more expensive way to produce.

sample gold colour image
sample image of silver colour

And we do have Solid S925 designs. Search "Solid" will see the search results.


* Post is only the earring post. Whole S925 is indicated as Whole/Solid S925/Sterling silver. Due to the earring body is not really touching skin, doesn't have to be use more expensive S925 materials. This is a way to make the better price with good quality. Most of the silver parts are imprinted as S925 on the surface.


* We are pursue eco-friendly jewellery. These Days the artificial stones are very good quality. Just like we against to the animal-test cosmetics, we against natural stones. It is more pricey and bad for environments. Mining the mountain, use chemicals to wash away, chopp all the trees are taking territory of a lot of animals.


* Our materials are all hypoallergenic, yet may vary depending on individual constitution. (If your skin have any reaction, please stop wear. in that case we recommend solid S925/s.steel designs. Yet if the skin is very sensitive may not suitable with you.)

Model Size

Earlobe size: 1cm

Piercing hole location: 0.5cm central from top and bottom, left and right 1cm distance from 2nd piercing hole
Height : 159cm
Weight : 40kg
Top : XS~S
Bottom : 24 inch (circumference one side 26~28cm)

Jewellery Size Guide

 Necklace size guide

(The most popular, average necklace length is around 40cm. If you like to wear longer recommend above 40cm, shorter = 35cm.)

necklace size guide-01

Bracelet size

bracelet size guide-01

Ring size guide

(* We don't support ring size customization.)

ring size guide-01ring size guide-02

▶︎ Click to find out more "How do we measure the each design size"

Cloth Care Instructions