When will I receive my item? – DAYBLANC
When will I receive my item? - DAYBLANC

When will I receive my item?

We always try our best to send out ASAP!

The timeline will be 1 (preparing time) + 2 (shipping time). 

And we support 2 type of delivery service based on your requirement.

* We choose the most affordable & fast courier company. 
* Delivery times are only estimates and may not be the actual delivery standard experienced.
* Please consider this timeline well and order in advance.

Check here if you ▸ Can't track the order

Check here if you ▸ Haven't received the order

Check here for  Overseas shipping

* Near Christmas/New year/Holiday season due to increase of parcel and lesser flight schedule may have some unexpected delays can be caused

* Some failed at delivery please contact to the courier company (local post office ASAP) some items are not returned to sender it may kept in the local post office and will be disposal by their policy. (in this case will not get any refund/exchange/re-delivery) 


Q1. How long will it take?

1. Preparing time

Due to our designs are handmade, we need few hours~3 business days to make the design. 

Our delivery cut out time is weekday 5PM (after 5PM most probably prepare from next day. Weekend order is start to prepare upcoming weekday.)


2. Shipping time

‣ Normal Delivery-Ninja Van

Generally takes 1~3 business days to arrive. And take 1~3 days to pick up the parcel. (deliver between 9 AM~11 PM)

3 consecutive attempts for over 3 working days.

Door to door or contactless delivery available.
(Courier company will contact you on the delivery date. From there you can select the option. Or you can leave the delivery instruction at check out page.)

= Total will be around 2~9 working days to arrive.

* Once received the tracking number please contact them with received tracking number directly for faster & accurate support for any delivery assists.

Parcel recipient email for parcel issues : support_sg@ninjavan.co

Parcel recipient hotline for parcel issues : +65 6602 8271

FAQ Ninja van 


‣ Fast/Priority Delivery (before 5 PM order, except P.H&Weekend) 
After the parcel is picked up, take 1 day to deliver. The pick up is always the next day. (deliver between 9 AM~9 PM) 

Door to door delivery with 3 consecutive attempts for over 3 working days.

= Total will be 1~2 working days to received after picked up.
(Will received the tracking number via email, you can check the status)

* Fast delivery : Preparing time 1~2 days + shipping time

* Priority Delivery : Send out as top priority (the next day) + shipping time


E.g. placed order 3rd (Mon) before 5PM → Set the pickup 4th (Tue) 

→ After picked up start delivery. Will arrived 4th~5th (Tue/Wed) between 9AM~9PM

* If you have Next day send out delivery problem please contact us. IG | FB | WhatsApp 

(the timeline is excluding public holiday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Maximum compensation is SGD 300 for any lost or damaged parcel the liability is on the courier company that you received via email)



‣ Sea shipment (by surface)

Only for the case of the country doesn't accept airmail delivery.

Generally takes up to 6 months of delivery time. 
And if happened any unexpected accident will not get covered. 

The sea shipment only depart when the ship if fully loaded and this cause the delays of delivery. For more details please contact local post office.



Q2. How much for the shipping fee?

Shipping fee is different by speed.

And we do support complimentary shipping depends on the order amount.

For that please check this currently available ‣ Promotions

To check the fee please go to the CART PAGE click the "Estimate Shipping Fee" attached at below of CHECK OUT button

And select Singapore & type your postal code!

shipping fee calculator

* This is located at top or bottom of the cart page 




Q3. You need today? 

We do support arrange 1~4 hours delivery option too.
Start from S$6.50 by 0~5km distance. (extra ~1km each charge average +S$1, depends on how full the booking of the day, may charge extra fees to arrange delivery.)

If you want same day delivery, please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp   

* May not possible after 5PM, weekend, PH.




Shipping T&Cs

* We do have restricted zones within SG ← click to check your place.

(press control/⌘+f to search your postal code) 

* You can check the shipping fee at cart page "Estimate shipping fee"


* Please request for damage or loss investigation within 2 days of delivery complete.

* Customer is responsible for providing incorrect shipping address.
(Won't able to refund/exchange, will be disposal after 60 days of returned. Will be charged extra re-delivery fee.)

* After we pack your order, not able to change/return/exchangeable.

* Lost/damaged while delivery, please contact to the courier company that attached at tracking number. And follow their instruction.

* In case of damaged while delivery please take a photo of the outer box. And if received an incorrect or damaged item please do not remove the safety sticker and take the photo, contact us within 12H after delivered.

* In case of an investigation, damage investigation is not possible if the damaged outer box photo, inner product photo (never remove the safety sticker), and damaged part photo are not submitted.

* We don't provide any refund or exchange for incorrect address order.

Due to it's 1:1 handmade designsOnce the address is incorrect our courier company will send you an email to correct address and wait for your reply maximum 2 days. But once returned to us, will be charged a re-delivery fee.

(We'll notify you via email once the item has been returned to us. Please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp to arrange the re-delivery before pass the 60 days. And in this case, we don't support any refund or exchange. We'll keep it the returned order maximum 60 days and offer re-delivery. But after exceed 60 days, we'll disposal the item without any refund/exchange/re-delivery.)  



Check our ▸ Refund & Exchange Policy

Check our ▸ After-sales Service Policy

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